Paralegal Student Feels Welcome at NWTC

Alivia Schiesl

Alivia Schiesl


I went to many other colleges two to three times, and I only had to come to NWTC once to feel welcome. It was all because of the feeling that I felt when I came here; no judgment, just warm welcomes. The instructors are more than instructors. They care so deeply about each student, and I really think people need to know that. That really stood out to me.

My advice to future NWTC students: Enjoy your college experience: work hard, play harder. Get involved in a club, and grab on to those opportunities you would not normally go for. Take advantage of the writing labs, math labs, accounting labs – that is what they are there for. Use the resources that are in front of you. Never feel stupid for asking a question. Use the counseling, advising center and more. NWTC is more than just getting a degree; they care about you and want more for you. 


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