Paraeducator Student Balances Family and Classes

Sara Lara

Paraeducator student

I had been working as a volunteer in our local elementary school, and they asked if I would sub for a one-on-one aide position. While I was working with the students, I really felt a sense of accomplishment when they had achieved a new goal. I figured out that children responded well to me, and I actually enjoyed my work. That was why I chose to be a paraeducator. 

So far my experience has been wonderful. Sure I was nervous at first, starting back in school, not truly knowing what to expect; but everything has turned out fabulously. The staff, my instructors, and my advisors have all been excellent, and I couldn't have asked for a better result from attending a college.

My advice to future NWTC students:  Prioritize your assignments. Make sure you read in the comments where the instructor gives you a warning about giving yourself enough time to complete your assignments. They know what they are talking about. Take your classes/assignments one at a time completing each prior to moving to the next. Also, communicate with your instructors. They're human too, and they understand that sometimes life happens and you just couldn't get the assignment turned in on time.

I am a returning student, and my greatest obstacle is balancing my four children, their school work, their extra-curricular activities, household chores, work, and my schooling all at the same time. I found however that taking everything one at a time truly helped this situation.


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