Office Professional Student Offered Job After Internship

Nikole Armstrong-Schwartz

Office Professional Graduate

I have had an overwhelmingly good experience here at NWTC. I have made new friends, I feel more confident in myself, and it was a much better experience than high school. The teachers were also very willing to help and get to know all of their students.

The classes and concepts I learned would apply to any job or anything in my future I chose to do. It was a good starting point. I received a job via my internship.

My advice for future NWTC students: This advice is for those who don’t know what they want to go to school for, but want to further their education: Get a degree in the business field. It will apply to almost everything you will do in life. This advice is for any student entering the Office Professional program: If you have extra time, stay a little while longer and get your Accounting Assistant degree. It's only one more semester, and it is helpful information.


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