International Student Starts Criminal Justice Program, Plans to Transfer to 4 Year

Davit Barblishvili

Criminal Justice Professional Studies student

I chose NWTC because it is one of the leading colleges in the United States. Wisconsin has one of the best network of colleges, which gives me an opportunity to transfer to a bachelor's degree. Wisconsin offers me affordable costs of living expenses and tuition. Notably, Wisconsin is one of the safest states in the United States, with its nature, environment, friendly people and an awesome winter (despite snow storms!). All of the instructor and staff members are very friendly toward me and not only me. They are not only professionals, but also friendly people, who have human values and senses. 

My advice to future NWTC students: Don't be afraid of future obstacles. Just do your business, and reveal your max potential. Don't be afraid of failing. Negative thinking about yourself is the first reason to fail. Just work hard for your dreams. NWTC and its environment, including instructors and staff, is the best place to start your future career and achieve your goals. NWTC creates the environment where even obstacles are opportunities to become stronger.


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