Homeschooled Student Completes Welding Program

Isaac Vania

Welding graduate - May 2016

I chose NWTC because they have a great welding program and overall awesome reputation for preparing their students for the workforce. I chose welding because I like to work with my hands. My older brother had gone through the program and liked it a lot. So I thought I would try it out, and I love it!

My experience at NWTC has been awesome. The instructors all do a great job teaching us and preparing us for our future jobs.

My advice to future NWTC students: NWTC is a great place to start. I was homeschooled and was pretty nervous about going to college, but NWTC offers a lot of help and really wants students to succeed. So to anyone who's entering a program here or thinking about it, I'd say, “great choice”! 


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