Gerontology Student Balances Life with Help of Staff

Cherrylynn Flick

Gerontology graduate

NWTC is definitely student-centered and gives me the options to learn at my own pace and study at my own hours. Being a returning adult student can be very challenging, but NWTC’s instructors and my advisor are all very helpful which made it easier for me to succeed. It’s definitely a decision that I never regretted.

Helping and making a difference in the lives of the older adult population has always been my passion. I also come from a country (Philippines) where we respect and value our elders, so that’s definitely something that I have always known or what comes naturally for me. So when I saw that NWTC offered the Gerontology course, I didn’t hesitate to enroll in the program.     

My advice for future NWTC students: Don’t take college for granted because having a college education will allow you to go places and reach dreams that you would never be able to reach otherwise. It could also mean a better future not only for yourself, but for your family as well. 


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