Gas Utility Student Receives Scholarship

Edgar Landeros

Edgar Landeros

Gas Utility Construction and Service graduate

Edgar Landeros is a goal-driven young man. The Gas Utility Construction and Service student has set his sights firmly on graduation and getting a solid career with good pay. Selecting the Gas Utility technical diploma was a smart first step for Landeros – graduates of the nine-month program are earning a $65,600 median annual salary within six months of graduation.

“I chose this career because it’s a short program, a well-paid career, and pretty much guarantees you a job right out of college,” Landeros said.

Landeros is not going after his goals all alone. He names NWTC resources like his instructors and the staff in the math and writing labs as contributors to his success.

“There’s a lot of help here at NWTC,” Landeros said. “The teachers are amazing. They’re always helping. It’s all about you. If you want to keep going, there are no excuses not to do it.”

Receiving the Shirlyn Miller (in Memory of Norman Miller) Scholarship through the NWTC Educational Foundation has also been a big boost for Landeros, enabling him to focus on learning. “It feels amazing to get a scholarship,” he said. “It has reduced my stress by a lot.”

Landeros is excited about his future, starting with an upcoming job fair that will bring over 20 employers onsite to compete for the roughly 50 Gas Utility graduates. “What better chance to get to know companies and get a job?” Landeros said. “My goal is to get a job for now; work from there, little by little. I’ll choose one company now, stay with that company and try to move up.”


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