Everything Falls into Place for Returning Supply Chain Management Student

Heidi Connaher

Heidi Connaher

Supply Chain Management grad

As an adult returning to school, I needed to have options to fit my lifestyle. My program was based in Green Bay, but with the help of internet and ITV classes, I saved a lot of traveling time (I live in Marinette.) This left me with opportunities to still attend my children's events for school and sports. I did not feel as though I was missing out on their lives while furthering my education. I also took into consideration that many of the credits I would earn could transfer to other schools if I were to continue on for my bachelor's degree. 

I chose Supply Chain Management because I was interested in business, but this program included many directions and options for the workforce. This degree allows me to be able to work in several careers such as purchasing, logistics, warehousing, and planning. Who doesn't like options? If I decide one area isn't my style, I have more to choose from without having to earn a new degree!

My experience at NWTC was very refreshing. I was very nervous to return to school after so long, but everyone from staff to fellow students made the experience enjoyable.  From the moment I walked into the office to inquire about information to return to school until my last days of classes, I never encountered someone not willing to make the experience a positive one. The best part was the instructors who were always available or returned emails in a timely fashion to help out with any struggles along the way.  

I did an internship during the summer before my third semester and was offered a full time position in the company before the internship was over. This was one of my greatest accomplishments!

My advice to future NWTC students: Never give up and don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone at NWTC cares about helping students accomplish their goals, no matter what the situation!

My only obstacles were getting over my fear of failure and to quit making excuses to not go back.  After I told myself it was time, everything fell into place. Talking to the staff prior to enrolling really helped me realize that my goals could be met and there was always someone there to support me!


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