Credit for prior learning provides time/cost savings for student

Casey Wanish

Casey Wanish

Supply Chain Management student

'NWTC was willing to use my industry knowledge toward my degree' 

Casey Wanish, a single mom and Supply Chain Management program student, talks about how NWTC's credit for prior learning option is allowing her to earn her degree - and still have time for work and family.

How did you hear about CPL courses?

In early Spring of 2015, when I had decided to complete my continued education, I reached out to the Supply Chain Academic Advisor Timothy Yandila to set up a meeting to review what the process of returning to NWTC would entail. He then went over the Credit for Prior Learning specifications and recommended I meet with Angela Hansen (Supply Chain Management program instructor). She and I went over the list of everything that would be needed on my end to submit to the department dean for approval.

What inspired you to “take the plunge” and try CPL?

I work full time and am a single parent, so the idea of being able to continue my education, while being able to spend more time at home with my son was very appealing to me. I have been in transportation for over 16 years, so knowing that NWTC was willing to use my industry knowledge toward my degree made it a very easy decision to put the portfolio together.

How is CPL helping you achieve your educational goals?

If I were to have to take every class from start to finish for the Supply Chain program, because of my work/life balance, it would have taken me at least four years for a two-year program. Because of the CPL program, I will be able to finish in approximately three years, while only attending classes one night a week for about two of those years. This allows me the time needed to manage my day-to-day life, while still obtaining a degree. Had this not been an option, I don’t know that I could have committed myself to attending for that many years, and may not have returned to college.

Would you recommend CPL to others? Why or why not?

I would absolutely recommend it! I think CPL is one of the many great flexible learning options that NWTC offers, especially if you are looking to get a degree in a field that you already have experience in.  The time and cost savings allow a work/life balance that attending classes would take you away from.

What classes are you taking/have you taken through CPL?

I have completed the following classes through CPL:

  • Career Planning

  • Career Preparation

  • Negotiations

  • Logistics / Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Simulation

  • Supply Chain Professional

  • Intro to Microsoft Word

I plan on completing the following classes through CPL:

  • Global Supply Chain Management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Import/Export Compliance

  • Customer Service

Anything to add about your experience with CPL or NWTC in general?

I would add that the staff at NWTC does an excellent job accommodating the flexible learning applicants and providing options.  This only adds to the attractiveness of the program overall.


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