Computer Support Grad Encourages Students to Get Involved

Steven Daniels

Computer Support Specialist-IT grad

I graduated from a university in 2001, and the experience from that to my experience at NWTC was much different in a very good way. Almost every teacher I had showed the love of what they taught, and showed much care for the success of their students. Three teachers really stand out from the rest. Their knowledge, personal influence, and the care for students both inside and outside of classroom teaching are what really makes NWTC so special.

My advice to future NWTC students: For the returning adult student, go beyond the classroom and get to know some of your fellow younger students in your classes. Not only do they have something to offer from their experiences, but you can help others with your experiences.

The hardest part that I found as a returning student was the demand of taking a full course load the first semester. In splitting time between family, school, work, and other demands (household repairs and so on) become increasing difficult as you go through that first semester.  


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