Caring Faculty Help Medical Lab Technician Graduate to Succeed

Jacqueline Conery

Jacqueline Conery

Medical Laboratory Technician grad

I chose NWTC because I would be able to pay my tuition as I went to school. It is affordable, and I didn't want to be in debt. My mom went to school at NWTC as well and had amazing things to say about the school. I took a tour and met the most amazing tour guide and some very friendly NWTC staff. After the tour I couldn't imagine a better place to get an education.

I was planning on just going to school for a semester for Phlebotomy. During my clinical time at the lab is when I saw the rest of the lab field, and from that point on I knew I wanted to be a MLT.

I went to a four-year university before. The classes were huge, and I felt no obligation to attend class if they didn't notice if I was missing. When I went to my first class at NWTC, they knew me by name and would notice if I was in class. If I wasn't feeling well, my teachers would send me an email hoping I would get better soon. The teachers are amazing. I love how the employees at NWTC are compassionate, intelligent, understanding individuals. 

I accepted a job in my field.

My advice to future NWTC students: The programs at NWTC are difficult, but you will be unbelievably prepared for your career when you graduate!


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