Busy Mom of Five Becomes LPN

Stephanie Kolaske

Practical Nursing grad

I love the small college community. It is close to home, and the nursing program has a great influence in the community. Everyone knows NWTC nurses have the skills.

I have always wanted to be a nurse. Starting with the practical nursing program is just the first step of my career goals.

It has been amazing. The instructors are all very well educated, and excited to teach. I couldn’t learn what I have without them.

My advice to future NWTC students: Start! College is hard. No matter when you do it in life, it is a difficult and rewarding thing to undertake. Never let one test or one grade make you feel unaccomplished. Always try harder next time, and ask for help if you need it! If you are smart enough to begin college, you are smart enough to finish. NWTC is filled with wonderful instructors, students, and advisors that all have your back. You are never in it alone.

I am married with five children. I have had to balance the hectic life of school with my family. I have had to learn how to plan time for school, and plan time for them. I keep reminding them that this is only going to make me a better wife and better mom.


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