Business Management Student Plans to Open Family Friendly Dance Studio

Katelynn Schroeder

Business Management student

After discovering the need for a dance studio in the Green Bay area that focuses more on age-appropriate fun than expensive competitions, Katelyn Schroeder is doing something about it.

“There is a need out there that I can help with,” Schroeder said. “A need for dance that is clean and family friendly.”

Schroeder started teaching youth dance classes in her church basement when she was 13. Her class grew from 10 students to 30 in less than a year – all by word of mouth. Soon after, she started teaching dance at the Kroc Center in Green Bay, where she now has about 50 students.

While continuing to teach dance and take dance classes herself, Schroeder enrolled in the NWTC Business Management associate degree program to learn how to operate her future studio. She quickly started applying what she learned, such as figuring out how much money her dance classes needed to bring in to pay for costumes.

Determined to graduate without college debt, Schroeder has been working three part-time jobs while pursuing her degree part-time. Receiving a scholarship through the NWTC Educational Foundation was a “huge relief” for her.

“I know how hard you have to work to earn money,” Schroeder said. “It’s helped me so much to know someone cared about me even though they didn’t know me. They trusted that I was going to do well with school and trusted me with their money.”

After Schroeder finishes her NWTC degree, she plans to start looking for the perfect studio location. “I’ve always wanted to help people,” Schroeder said. “I can show them they really can dance. It doesn’t have to be all about what the world thinks. Dance can be just for the fun of it, and you can still do well.”


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