Summer Classes

Catch up on general studies requirements by taking classes this summer at NWTC.

Summer is a great time to take a class or learn new skills at NWTC. You can even start your degree!

Take a class

  • Choose from over 1000 classes in business, IT, manufacturing, engineering, energy, public safety, human services, health sciences and more.
  • Visit "Find a Class" for the most current class listings.
  • Enroll in a general studies class in communication, psychology, English Composition, and more - and transfer your credits to just about anywhere.
  • Apply your credits toward your degree and lighten your course load for fall.

Tip for new degree & diploma students! Take College 101 (a college success course required for graduation) this summer and be ready to rock the fall semester!

Start your degree

Over 30 degree and diploma programs - from Accounting to Web Development - can be started in summer. See program availability

Home for summer break?

If you're home for the summer from another college or university, you may want to take a general studies class or two and make your fall semester a little easier. You can save on tuition while getting the same quality education as freshman-level university courses.

Upcoming Online Classes:

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