Hear from Local Employers

There's a reason why 94 percent of NWTC grads are employed within six months of graduation - employers look to NWTC to provide their skilled workforce.

94%25 of our grads are employed within 6 months of graduation, $40,000 to %2556,600 Median annual salary of grads in 21 degrees and diplomas, 100%25 of our grads in 52 programs are employed

Top 11 In Demand Jobs

This is a list of NWTC programs with the most full- and part-time job openings posted in our district in 2015-2016, according to Economic Modeling Specialists International. Of course, there are many additional career opportunities outside of the NWTC district!
  1. Carpentry 4535
  2. Digital Marketing 1572
  3. Professional Sales 1508
  4. Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Academy 1254
  5. Auto Maintenance Technician 1249
  6. Emergency Medical Technician 1247
  7. Automotive Technician/Technology 1152
  8. Software Developer 1082
  9. Cisco System Administrator 953
  10. Office Professional 935
  11. Administrative Professional 724

Want a guaranteed job interview? 

Earn your Electro-Mechanical Technology degree at NWTC and be guaranteed a job interview with these employers.*

EMT International
Georgia Pacific

*Guaranteed interview opportunities are for new Electro-Mechanical students upon graduation.

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