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Velocity Group Overview

Based on peer learning and leadership development, the Small Business Initiative's Velocity Group program helps small business owners, second-stage entrepreneurs and executives in both nonprofit and for-profit fields grow their business. This unique group provides local business owners with a confidential forum in which they can identify key business opportunities, develop successful strategies, engage in a confidential sounding board, and hear new tactical ideas from non-competiting business owners. The group promotes an open exchange of ideas through group discussion and subject matter expert presentations. Roundtables include 8-12 business executives.

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Who should participate in Velocity Group?

Velocity Group was designed especially for second-stage small business (establishments with 1 to 10 employees and $30,000 to $700,000 in annual revenue, although these boundaries fluctuate, depending on industry). Roundtables are created based on companies of similar size. Acceptable businesses will acknowledge their company`s capacity to grow into the next stage. Business owners must be willing to commit up to four hours each month for eight months a year. 

What is key is that participants are growth minded and have the desire to learn.

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Benefits Of Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

  • The ability to discuss business challenges with peers who know what you are going through and can provide insight
  • Just-in-time solutions you can put into practice
  • Confidential forum to discuss experiences and situations freely
  • Leveraging the 'seven steps to effective issues' to work through individual business opportunities 

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"As a small business owner it didn't take me very long to realize how much I needed to learn in order to move my business forward. Attending various workshops on the subjects I was interested in seemed like a good plan. However, after many workshops where the topic presented was usually at a very introductory level or didn't specifically discuss the area I was interested in, I started to shop around for a group or coach that would take the time to understand my business in order to help me develop the skills and strategies needed to move forward.

Luckily, I found the Velocity Group and the Small Business Initiative at NWTC. My Velocity Group is a team of vastly different business owners, all at various levels of development. Yet, we have found our concerns regarding our businesses to be very similar. This group of like-minded business people has the ability to collaboratively develop successful solutions and strategies to improve my business practices.

Bringing in subject matter experts, which are relevant to the needs/interests of the group, is a chance to learn specific information to fit your business situation. Typically the presentation matches the knowledge base of the businesses so we learn more than the basics, finding possible solutions and innovations for our own situations.

As a business owner, my time is valuable and a rare commodity. For me, the Velocity Group has become an integral member of my 'business team' with the time invested producing a ten-fold return. I'm looking forward to continuing developing my business skills with the Velocity Group with the Small Business Initiative."

-Amy Zimmerman, Owner of Poppin' Z's Gourmet Popcorn


Velocity Group Commitment & Pricing

Our Velocity group offers 8 group sessions over the course of a year. This includes business coaching, roundtable discussions and professional development. Participants have the option to have an additional coaching session with our group facilitator between scheduled group meetings. Annual cost to participate in the group is $280 ($35 per scheduled session). 

Dean Stewart, NWTC Corporate Training & Economic Development

Meet the Facilitator

My name is Dean Stewart and I’ve spent more than 28 years of my life working in a variety of roles in sales and marketing, operations, and senior leadership for a number of large and small companies in industries as diverse as information technology, building materials, renewables and education.

I am currently the dean of Corporate Training and Economic Development (CTED) at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. In that role, I lead a diverse team of professionals who provide training, consulting and technical assistance to organizations from their inception through maturity and beyond. I also personally provide leadership training and strategic planning assistance groups and companies throughout the Midwest. Some of the organizations I have worked with include the Green Bay Packers, the Wisconsin Builders Association, and Options for Independent Living. 

I have a BBA from St Norbert College, an MBA from UW-Oshkosh and am just a few months away from completing my doctorate in Education from UW-Stout.

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About the Small Business Initiative

The Small Business Initiative at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College provides start-up and existing business owners with the business development, technical programs, managerial and leadership coaching they need to launch, grow and thrive.

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