As part of our commitment to supporting small business and entrepreneurial growth in the region, the Small Business Initiative at NWTC offers workshops, one-on-one coaching, roundtables (Velocity Groups), networking events and more. We work with growth-minded small and microbusiness owners who want to achieve peak performance and sustainable growth. 

Small Business Business Programming

Building a Business Model

Creating a business model allows entrepreneurs to document the rational of how their business will develop and grow. Learn the fundamental building blocks of a business model: customer segment, value proposition, revenue streams, key partnerships and more! Join us for two 3-hour session to complete this valuable strategic planning tool. 
*Prerequisite for Start Right & Stepping up to New Opportunities 

NWTC Woodland Kitchen in Niagara WI
1st Session - 9/12
2nd Session - 9/19
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Start Right the First Time, One Page Business Plan

For Small Business Owners to be successful, you must focus on numerous key metrics to build your foundation in this two part series. Take the Entrepreneurial Profile 10 to identify your unique talents that will guide you on your road to success. Compose a user-friendly One Page Business Plan that helps you identify your business objectives and strategic direction. 

NWTC Shawano Campus
1st Session - 9/25, 5pm to 8pm
2nd Session - 10/2, 5pm to 8pm
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NWTC Luxemburg Campus
1st Session - 10/17, 5pm to 8pm
2nd Session - 10/25, 5pm to 8pm
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BOOST - Building Businesses One Step at a Time (10 Week Business Plan Writing Workshop)

Would you build a house without building plans?  Then don’t build a business without a business plan! BOOST your business idea into reality with the BOOST Entrepreneurial Development Program. Attend 10 weekly sessions to learn how to apply practical, real-world management and planning tools to not only develop a business plan, but learn the essentials of running a business.  Your business plan will enable financing, promote growth, and become a roadmap for business success!   

As a participant in this workshop series, you will accomplish:

  • Identify and analyze your industry, competition, market and financial opportunity by starting with the development of a business model.
  • Gain insight from guest subject matter experts
  • Discuss legal issues facing business owners
  • Investigate insurance and other government regulations
  • Select your bookkeeping and accounting systems
  • And many more!
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Advance Business & Manufacturing Center - NWTC Green Bay Campus
Dates: 10 week series starts Monday 10/16 through 12/18
Meeting times 5:30pm to 8:30pm 
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Small Business Workshops

Introduction to Quickbooks for Small Business

Are you responsible for your acccounting & business records? Struggling with Quickbooks? Let us help! If you are operating your business' accounting operations with Quickbooks or want to know basic information about the program - this class is for you! This course is focused on helping small business owners (without an accounting background) understand, navigate, and utilize Quickbooks to it's full potential! $49

Marketing Strategies for Growing a Small Business

The difference between success and failure is often linked to the effectiveness of a business's marketing plan. In this fast-paced, hands on workshop, you dive into the critical building blocks for creating your brand and the messaging that will resonate with your target market.  Explore the demographics of your customers and the social media platforms and tactics that will help you cut through the clutter.  Learn to get noticed by those who matter the most and increase your sales and profits. $69 

NWTC Woodland Kitchen
September 14th 2017    11:30am to 1:30pm
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Facebook for Business

For some businesses, a Facebook page is replacing the need and cost of a Website. In this hands on workshop, we not only discuss the pros and cons of each, you actually BUILD your business Facebook page.  Our instructor walks you through step by step in building your page, and you receive feedback from other attendees as well – it's like having your own customer focus group.  In addition to building the Facebook page, you also learn how to promote the page, earn likes and create Facebook ads. $69

NWTC Sturgeon Bay Campus
8/29/2107    3pm to 5pm
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NWTC Woodland Kitchen
9/14/2017   3pm to 5pm 
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Business Facebook Page Consult is available for businesses looking for help setting up their page. Meetings are set up individually with clients to provide accurate assistance. $75

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One Page Business Plan

A traditional business plan can be complex and time-consuming. This innovative concept is a simple and effective way to focus on key metrics, align your strategic direction, profile your target market, and define value proposition to help achieve your business goals. Organize your thoughts and ideas into a workable single page plan to launch or grow a business. Meet individually with our business consult to write your business plan in as little as 3 hours. Plan includes a follow-up session to ensure a completed plan. $179

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Human Resource Tools for Small Business

Is your small business growing? Is it time to hire your first part-time or full-time employee? Do you have questions on best practices, recruiting or learning some basic human resource tools? Join us for this information workshop and receive the following tools that you can easily apply to your growing business:

  • Employment applications
  • An offer letter to a potential employee
  • New hire checklists
  • Employee recognition and retention ideas
  • Termination letter wording
  • Termination checklists

Workshop host is Diane Biersteker, owner of Human Resource Consulting LLC in Green Bay. $69

Green Bay Campus:

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Today there are numerous social media platforms and it can be overwhelming! How you decide which one is suitable to include in your small business marketing plan? In this workshop you will learn to leverage the power of social media for your business by learning the benefits of certain social media platforms and how it can add value to your marketing plan. $69

NWTC Luxemburg Campus
9/6/17    3pm to 5pm
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Advance Business & Manufacturing Center, Green Bay
9/26/17    2pm to 4pm
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Advance Business & Manufacturing Center, Green Bay
10/4/17    7:30am to 9:30am
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Entrepreneurial Talents Strengths Finder

Gallup identified the top 10 talents of successful entrepreneurs and this online assessment, follow-up workshop and coaching identify your entrepreneurial talents and help create a strategy for tapping into your talents to grow your business. Whether you’re launching a business, growing your current business or seeking resources to help you be successful, this workshop will help you develop, discover and direct your entrepreneurial talents. $149 

Green Bay Campus:

Pathways to Entrepreneurship (Free)

Whether you want to start a business or currently operate a part-time, home-based business, micro business or small business; this workshop will provide you with the information you need for your business to launch, grow and thrive. Learn about the resources available and why a business plan is essential to success. Also, learn from other successful, local entrepreneurs and business owners that share their experiences. Limited space available!

Business Owner Meetup Group

Are you ready to take your business or business idea to the next level? Looking for strategies to help you grow your business effectively and efficiently? The Small Business Initiative at NWTC has created a NEW Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Resource Meetup Group. We are dedicated to helping small businesses owners and entrepreneurs in Northeast Wisconsin. Monthly, quarterly, and annual events will be taking place throughout the year. Join Meetup to be included in these exclusive workshops:

Storytelling for Small Business, featuring Nikki Kallio of Wordwing LLC
September 13th    11:30am to 2pm
Advance Business & Manufacturing Center    Click here to register

Banking for Small Business; Where Your Bank Matters
September 20th    4pm to 6pm
Advance Business & Manufacturing Center    Click here to register

One-on-One Coaching

Are you struggling with certain aspects of your business and not quite sure where to turn? Having a confidential, professional coach help you work through those issues is a proven and effective way to grow professionally. Help your business move to the next level by working with our confidential coaching program. Your first session is always complimentary!

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Earn an entrepreneurship credential