One Thing to Know: Why work in fire protection engineering technology?

When you think about protecting people and property from the devastating destruction of fire, what do you envision? A lot of people probably imagine firefighters and the searing sound of a firetruck siren.

But that’s only part of the picture. Specialists who design and install fire protection and suppression systems also play a critical role in fire safety.

When it comes to careers in fire protection, Pam Mazur, associate dean of the Engineering Technology programs at NWTC, wants people to know one thing: “If you want to save lives and protect property, you can help do that – that’s this program.”
Pam Mazur, associate dean of Engineering Technology

Pam is referring to the Fire Protection Engineering Technology associate degree, a program that is in the process of moving from the NWTC Marinette campus to the Green Bay campus.

“People always think of the firefighter carrying a hose, but it’s more than that,” Pam said. “Careers in fire protection engineering technology are life saving.”

Careers in fire protection engineering technology are also diverse and rewarding. Typical careers for NWTC program grads include fire protection systems designer, fire protection equipment sales representative, fire protection systems installer, and industrial safety technician.

NWTC's 2017 program grads reported earning a $40,872 median starting salary just six months after graduation.

The program starts in fall 2018 on the Green Bay campus. 

Pamela Orem-Mazur - Dean, Associate

About the Expert

Pamela Orem-Mazur - Dean, Associate

Pam Mazur is the associate dean of the Engineering Technology programs at NWTC. She appreciates being able to assist people in fulfilling their dreams and having a better life!