Understanding Your Application Checklist Status

Applied to a Program?

  • Associate degree and technical diploma programs have To Do Items on your Application Checklist status page that are listed with a current status, due date, and description of how to complete each item.
  • If you have questions about your items, click Email NWTC Admissions at the top of the checklist status page to ask an admissions specialist, or call Enrollment Services at 888-385-6982.

Pre-Program Status

  • When all Pre-Program: Step 1 of 2 items are completed, you will be accepted to the College as a pre-program student and have access to priority registration and financial aid.
  • Pre-program students are accepted daily as the College receives testing and transcripts that meet the requirements.
  • Find out what courses will help you meet your pre-program requirements

Program Status

  • When all Program: Step 2 of 2 items are completed, check your myMail email account for next steps.
  • Depending on your program, you will either be fully accepted into your program, offered a spot on the program waitlist, or be required to complete a competitive admission process.
  • Expect an email within 2-3 days of completing your last Step 2 To Do Item.
  • Find out what courses will help you meet your pre-program requirements

Applied to a Certificate?

Most certificates do not have To Do Items. You will be automatically accepted when you apply. 

More Helpful Hints 

  • Each program and/or certificate application is listed in the order you applied. Scroll down on the Application Checklist status page to see all To Do Items.
  • If you just tested and want to see what items are left to complete, click Update Checklist Items. Checklist items are updated nightly.
  • To log into your myMail, see your accepted programs and/or certificates, academic advisor, and other student information, click Go to Student Center.
  • If you are viewing this page through our website and want to see your status, log into my.NWTC, click the box next to Admissions, then click Application Checklist Status.

Remember, always check myMail for your most current application information!

Find out what courses will help you meet your pre-program requirements


Always check myMail for your most current application information!