Degree Progress

The Degree Progress Report is a tool to help you plan your classes so you can graduate from your chosen program.

When should I review my Degree Progress Report?

It may be helpful to view your progress report upon receiving your credit transfers and before each registration to identify coursework needed to meet graduation requirements.

Where can I find my Degree Progress Report?

Log in to my.NWTC to view your Degree Progress Report.

How do I read my Degree Progress Report?

The Degree Progress Report begins with an unofficial transcript followed by the Degree Progress Report. The report lists your program, the curriculum year used for graduation, your GPA, and number of credits needed to graduate. Requirement line headings are then listed to describe the courses you will need for graduation. Required courses will appear below the requirement line headings. Successfully completed classes will be listed in order taken.

When a requirement line is bold, you still need to successfully complete one or more courses in that group. Cross off the courses you have completed to reveal which courses you still need to take.

Courses in progress (no grade assigned) will show as satisfied until the grades are posted. If the course is not successfully completed, the requirement line will revert to bold indicating the course is still needed.

When all courses in a requirement group are successfully completed, no required courses will be listed under that requirement. The list of courses you have successfully completed will remain.

When all the required courses and any additional requirements for graduation are satisfied, your degree progress report will display in normal font. The GPA listed will determine your graduation honors status.

Need help?

If you have any concerns about your report or class schedule, please contact your NWTC Academic Advisor or Counselor.