Class Exchange Policy

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How it Works

Class exchanges are valid for degree/credit and non-degree/continuing education courses. Students must meet all enrollment requirements for the exchange to be successful.

The Class Exchange Policy applies to class changes after the start date of the class to be dropped. Class exchanges cannot be completed through the my.NWTC portal. Students interested in exchanging classes after the start date should contact Enrollment Services.  Students requesting information on the College’s refund policy may contact the Student Finance office at (920) 498-5444.
A student who drops from one course and adds another during the first 14 calendar days of a term or 8-week session will receive credit for 100% of class fees dropped which must be applied to the class added. Addition and drop of classes involved must occur on the same day. The exchange policy is not in effect when the student is placed on the waitlist for the added class. Credits for the added class can be greater, less or equal to credits for the dropped class.
Tuition costs differ from class to class based on fee types, instruction modes, etc. Tuition charges may change after completion of an exchange. 
  • If the applicable class fees for the course added exceed the fees for the course dropped, the student will be assessed the additional amount.
  • If the applicable class fees for the course dropped exceed the fees for the course added, the student will be issued a refund.
Any extenuating circumstances to the above must be approved by the Dean/Associate Dean for the academic department offering the course. Contact Enrollment Services to request information on how to obtain extenuating circumstance approval.