International Student Life and Clubs

Student Life

International students at NWTC will have the opportunity to participate in numerous clubs and activities to improve their social life on campus. They will also be able to engage other international students as well as other American students. International students will learn many aspects of real American culture from their time at NWTC. 

Student Involvement is responsible for scheduling numerous social events every week on our campus. They include: free meals for students during student appreciation event, free music and entertainment, free movies and informational speakers, free gifts, snacks, and takeaway gifts. Look at this month's events on the Student Involvement website

Student Clubs

Clubs are a great way for students to meet other students, make friends, and engage the campus and the community in service projects. Clubs also engage in fund raising events and use those funds to develop social events for the enjoyment of those members. In addition, clubs are represented in Student Senate meetings twice monthly throughout the academic year. 
Global Connections is the international student club here at NWTC. Check out the Global Connections Facebook page as well as their Global Stories Project, which tells the stories of international experiences and connections here on campus.  
Find out about all the clubs here at NWTC.  

Campus Resources

NWTC has several activities and places for students to enjoy themselves when they are not in classes. Check out some of these resources:

The Den - Offers students a place for free video games, billiards, ping pong, television, and space for meeting and relaxing with friends


Fitness Center - Available free to all students as well as organized fitness classes and recreational sports leagues.

The Library offers study spaces, computer labs, textbook checkout, and other great resources for study.

The Buzz Cafe - A coffee house on campus that provides a variety of drinks, snacks and comfortable seating.

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