Intermediate Classes

IEP Intermediate Listening and Speaking

Students practice oral communication skills in pairs and small groups with a focus on academic discussion skills, fluency, establishing and maintaining a conversation, pronunciation, and grammatical accuracy. Students will also give brief presentations in class.

IEP Intermediate Reading 

Students practice reading strategies to increase reading comprehension, such as skimming, scanning, and using context to determine vocabulary meaning. Students also develop word-building and dictionary skills and create a plan for vocabulary acquisition.

IEP Intermediate Writing

At the Intermediate level, students write basic essays 4-5 paragraphs in length with a clear thesis, topic sentences and transitions with basic essay organization (introduction, body, and conclusion). Students will develop their essays with a variety of sentence structures: simple, compound, and complex.

IEP Intermediate Grammar

Students develop Intermediate-level grammar skills through a variety of communicative activities. Basic tenses and aspects, modals, question formation, subject-verb agreement, and subordinate clause structures are emphasized in this course. Students will identify grammar through listening and reading, and produce accurate grammar in speaking and writing.