Advanced Classes

IEP Advanced Listening and Speaking

Students develop strategies for listening and note-taking and practice speaking in pairs and small groups. Students also develop fluency and grammatical accuracy as they discuss conversational and academic topics, support opinions in debates, and deliver formal presentations. Listening for main ideas and supporting details, building conversational fluency, and developing pronunciation are the main skills emphasized in this course.  

IEP Advanced Reading 

This course will build the learners’ reading skills in both academic and informal genres. Students will read articles and academic essays as they identify main ideas, identify supporting details, read for speed, and develop inferencing skills. Learners will also participate in classroom reading discussions and write responses to the authors’ viewpoints.

IEP Advanced Writing

This course builds the learners’ reading and writing skills in academic and informal genres as they critically examine articles and produce academic essays. Students will investigate essay structure and organization, paragraph development, coherence, persuasive writing, mechanics, diction, and proofreading. Source selection and citation will be discussed as well. Students will utilize the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing) to refine their writing.

IEP Advanced Grammar 

In this course, learners will investigate the interaction of grammatical form, meaning, and use, applying grammatical concepts to communicative contexts. Noun clauses, adjective and adverb clauses, gerunds and infinitives, and the conditional are emphasized in this course. Through listening, speaking, reading, and writing, students will use English grammar to interpret the ideas of others and express their own ideas accurately.