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Placement Testing

NWTC utilizes several placement tests to determine a student's current skill level and readiness for a chosen educational course path, with regard to Reading, Math, and Language Skills. Acceptable placement tests at NWTC are: ACT or Accuplacer. Students who have never taken the ACT or whose scores on those tests do not meet the required benchmarks for program or course entry, will be assessed using the Accuplacer.

Accuplacer testing is available through the Assessment Center and advance registration is required. There is a placement testing fee of $20 which is paid at the time of registration. The Assessment Center is located on the third floor of the Student Center in room SC365. For more information, please call us at: 888/385-6982. Accommodations Services can be reviewed here.

Accuplacer Overview

Accuplacer is an adaptive, computer-based, multiple choice test. It is called "adaptive" because new questions are selected from a pool of possible questions based on the correctness of each answer a student provides. Because the test works this way, students must answer every question when it is first given. The test is not timed so students are encouraged to take as much time as they need for each question. Hand-held calculators are not permitted during the test; however, in a few instances, Accuplacer provides an on-screen calculator for the student to use for a particular problem.

Scores on the Accuplacer are reported numerically, ranging from 20-120. Programs have identified a targeted range in which students must score in order to "meet the benchmark."

Helping Your Student Prepare

Reviewing the following items with your student prior to his/her testing appointment can help provide a positive testing experience and ensure that your student performs at his/her best.

  • Getting plenty of rest the night before the test.
  • Eating a healthy meal or snack before the test.
  • Remembering that you cannot "go back" to questions previously answered, so be sure of the answer you are selecting before you confirm.
  • Taking your time to answer questions since there is no time limit.
  • Arriving at least 15 minutes early to the test session so you do not feel rushed and have adequate time to check in.
  • Parking in an outlying lot as opposed to the lot directly in front of the Student Center (two hour time limit) is recommended for peace of mind while testing and to avoid a potential ticket from the city of Green Bay for exceeding the time limit.

Is Your Student Undecided on a Career Path?

If your student is undecided in a career path, we highly recommend contacting the NWTC Career Center at 920-498-6250. Career Services provides career, occupational and transfer information for students, alumni and members of the community. Just one of the many services they offer is career/personality assessments as well as individualized career counseling.

Contact the NWTC Career Center for career guidance