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Level 1 CNC Programming- Turning

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Program Code: 904206

The Intro to CNC Programming-Turning certificate is designed for existing lathe operators to develop the knowledge to write and modify basic turning programs, including CNC machine set up and part inspection.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Write basic and modify existing CNC lathe programs and set up CNC lathes for production of parts.


Requirements for Certificate Entry:

• Students will be required to pass a NIMS entry level machinist exam.

Catalog No. Description
31-420-341 MACHINE TOOL/CNC SET-UPS ...CNC mill and lathe-tool holder selection, loading and unloading tools, work holding, setting part zero, fixture offsets, setting length and dial offsets, boring bars, and bar feeding. (Prerequisite: Accepted into the CNC Machinist or CNC Technician program; Corequisites: 10-804-301, Vocational Math A; 10-804-302, Vocational Math B; 31-420-363, CNC Milling and G-Code; 31-420-342 Intro to Machine Tools)
31-420-364 G-CODE AND CAM …learn basic programming with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, along with G-and M-code programming of computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling and turning machines. (Prerequisite: Accepted into CNC Machinist or CNC Technician; 10-420-100 CNC Interface Methods; 31-420-363 CNC Milling and G-Code)
32-420-335 CNC TURNING OPERATION overview, production planning, machine start-up, control panel operations, CNC control tools, operational codes and functions, operation modes and CNC code generation. (Prerequisite: 31-420-361 Integrating Machine Tools)
32-420-308 QUALITY CONTROL APPLICATIONS ...ISO 9000 concepts, Statistical Process Control (SPC) theory and applications, coordinate measuring machine setup and applications, surface texture measurement concepts, and applications for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), optical comparator and high amplification techniques. (Prerequisite: 31-420-362, Blueprint Reading/Sket-Mach 2)
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