Reality Based Scenario Training Course Details

Reality Based Scenario Instructor Course

Cost: $495
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This course designed for Law Enforcement, Military approved facilities and Professional Instructors.

This course was designed to assist Law Enforcement, and Military personnel with the ability to conduct Use of Force Training utilizing non-lethal training ammunition. This training will prepare instructors to provide safe and realistic training by understanding the correct application of  non-lethal cartridge, protective clothing, and helmets. Proper use and installation of available non-lethal conversion kits is also covered.

Attending instructors will learn the appropriative instructional methods for tactical isolation exercises and scenarios in realistic training. Those successfully completing this course will be able to develop Scenario and Isolation Exercise templates, select safe locations conducive to training, utilize the proper safety equipment, train and assign various support personnel, conduct and evaluate the tactical exercises and document the officers performance. Defensible evaluation and debriefing skills will be modeled throughout the course.

This is a hands-on tactical training course.

Attendees will be able to perform the following once the training is completed:

  • Conduct Use of Force training utilizing non-lethal training ammunition
  • Demonstrate proper use and installation of available non-lethal conversion kits
  • Select safe locations conducive to training
  • Provide safe and realistic training by understanding the correct application of non-lethal cartridge, protective clothing and helmets
  • Develop Scenario and Isolation Exercise Templates
  • Assign various support personnel to tasks
  • Evaluate tactical exercises and document the performance of officers

Equipment to Bring:

  • Non-lethal converted or dedicated handgun
  • Personal Body Armor
  • Tactical belt with holster
  • Safety glasses
  • Long-sleeve sweatshirt
  • Notebook and pen

 Equipment Provided:

  • Marking cartridges
  • Blanks
  • Helmet, throat collar, gloves, groin protection, protective shirt and pants


Reality Based Scenario Instructor Recertification Course

Cost: $295
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Current Reality Based Scenario Instructors will need to recertify on a three year renewal cycle. Individuals who are currently certified instructors will need to provide proof of certification at the time of enrollment.  For more information, call (800) 422-6982 Ext. 5526, or (920) 498-5526.