Individualized Technical Studies Associate Degree

Program Code: 108251

The Individualized Technical Studies program is intended for currently employed individuals who have a specific career objective that cannot be met by existing degree programs. By combining state board approved courses from two or more major areas of study, the student, along with an occupational advisor, designs an occupational degree program into a unique associate degree.

Employment Potential

With the growth of employment opportunities in small and mid-sized firms, employers increasingly seek workers able to take on multiple tasks and roles that cut across traditional occupational categories. With the introduction of new kinds of technologies and work processes, occupational duties and the competencies needed in the workplace are constantly in flux. To be productive and effective in today’s workplace, workers may need skills and knowledge drawn from a variety of traditional disciplines. This program allows students to design a customized instructional program leading to an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Technical Studies. The individualized program will have a specific occupational focus designed by the student in consultation with an occupational mentor, district faculty, and career advising staff. The program requires the identification of an occupation advisor who will assist the student in specifying skill competencies and occupational outcomes for a specific occupational area.


    Requirements for Program Entry

    • Completed application.
    • High school transcript or equivalent. (For a list of equivalents, go to
    • Completion of all recommended activities to address math and reading skills deficiencies.
    • To be admitted to this program, learners must achieve a prior cumulative high school or college grade point average of 2.6 or higher OR a satisfactory academic skills assessment score. College grade point average must be based on 15 credits or more. To learn more about starting this program, please contact an academic advisor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.
    Curriculum: Total credits for the Individualized Technical Studies program will vary with a minimum of 60 credits.
    First Semester
    Semester Total
    Total Credits

    Curriculum Note: Individualized Technical Studies Degree Has Two Objectives:

    Provide flexibility in programming in order to meet the educational needs of individuals based on their particular career goals.

    Emphasize an individual’s career goals that cannot be achieved through enrollment in any single instructional program currently available at the college.

    As part of the educational process, each student is required to complete a personal program portfolio outlining his or her career objectives and the courses required to meet those objectives. This student portfolio, together with a completed application for admission, becomes part of the review process used by the NWTC Individualized Technical Studies committee to admit the student for a customized technical studies program.


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    • Explore the possibility of Individual Technical Studies in areas such as Childcare Administration.
    • Students who complete the 18-credit Early Childhood: Child Care Administration Certificate may wish to combine those classes with other classes in the Early Childhood Associate Degree Program or Early Childhood Administration Certificate for an Individual Technical Studies-Child Care Administration Degree. Courses can be chosen to create a customized curriculum specific to the needs of the individual, with an emphasis on Administration, Infant/Toddler or other areas.
    • For more information about these degrees and other exciting opportunities, please call (920) 498-5421.

    Study Abroad Opportunities

    The International Programs staff continually seeks opportunities for students to travel abroad for educational experiences that may be offered in association with program courses. To find out more about which of your program courses may offer an opportunity during this academic year, contact your academic advisor or visit