General Studies Part-Time Instructor Hiring Process

The General Studies department has developed a specific process to hire part-time instructors for its various instructional areas. This process was initiated in the hopes of securing well suited part-time instructors to support the instructional teams already teaching the General Education classes offered throughout the NWTC district.

All prospective candidates must complete each step outlined to be considered for a position within the General Studies department. Please follow the five steps below to begin the process.

Step 1: Application Process  

Part A- View Video

View the video that outlines the entire hiring process for the General Studies department. The content of this video will contain the necessary information to answer questions within the survey found in Part B of the hiring process.   Watch the Hiring Process Introductory Video to initiate the hiring process.

Part B- Complete Survey

Please click THIS LINK to activate the survey through Survey Monkey. Upon completion of the survey, simply click "Done" to submit results. If any questions or issues arise throughout this process, please email

Part C- Apply On-Line

Please complete the online application. Only those candidates that have completed the online application will be considered for an interview.

Part D- Transcripts

Please send all college transcripts from any accredited college attended to NWTC’s Human Resources Partner, Dawn Rentmeester. Human Resources will need to review the transcripts to determine the areas in which a candidate is certified to teach. For initial approval, unofficial* copies of transcripts are acceptable.

Transcripts can be sent in any of the following ways to Dawn Rentmeester in Human Resources:  
  • Scan, attach, and email transcripts (PDF or JPG format preferred) to
  • Fax copies of all transcripts to the Human Resources department (Attn: Dawn Rentmeester) to 920-498-5532
  • Deliver paper copies directly to Dawn in the Human Resources office (CC224)
  • Mail to Human Resources, using the following address:

NWTC Human Resources
Attn: Dawn Rentmeester
2740 W Mason Street
PO Box 19042
Green Bay, WI 54307-9042  

Please note:  Official transcripts in a sealed envelope will be required if a candidate successfully completes the hiring process.  

Part E- Skill Survey

Human Resources will send the candidate an email requesting references. It is required to submit 5 references with at least 2 prior supervisors included. The reference check must be successfully completed to continue through the hiring process.  

Step 2: Group Interview  

Candidates will be provided dates and times to participate in a group interview and must be available for one of the offered sessions.   

Group Interview: Approximately 90 minutes in length

Candidate will have time to review course materials, syllabi, and meet with staff.

Complete applicable Criminal Background Check form(s) as appropriate

A Criminal Background Check must be passed before observing a class session.

Step 3: Classroom Observation

If selected to continue in the hiring process and background check is complete, candidate will participate in a classroom observation. If applying for General Education or ELL, candidate will observe a class they would potentially teach. This consists of 1- to 3-hours of lecture.  If applicable, candidates will also observe one lab session which is usually two hours in length.If applying for Basic Education, candidate will observe a class they would potentially teach on the Green Bay Campus in addition to an off-site location. This consists of 1- to 3-hours of lecture.

Step 4: Mock Instruction

Candidate will prepare a 10-15 minute lecture in their area of certification that will include a short activity and handout. Candidates will present their mock instruction to the full-time instructional team of the subject area and the Dean/Associate Dean who oversees that instructional area.   The purpose is for the faculty team and Associate Dean/Dean to assess instructional style, effectiveness and quality of instruction.  

Step 5: Final Paperwork, Official Transcripts, and Mandatory Training  

If a candidate successfully completes the hiring process, they will be extended a formal offer of hire.  All paperwork related to hiring and official transcripts will need to be submitted to the NWTC Human Resources Department. Next, new employees will be required to sign up and complete the mandatory “New Part-time Faculty On Boarding and Technology Training”.   These sessions will be scheduled some time during the first two weeks leading up to the start of a future term. This provides an opportunity to meet college staff, learn about College standards and resources, in addition to meeting other new part-time instructors.   

Do you have additional questions? Contact Us!

Phone: (920) 498-5421 or (800) 422-NWTC Ext. 5421