SmartGrid Mobile Training Lab

​Get hands-on smart grid training at your facility with the mobile NWTC Smart Grid Training Lab. The lab is available for training, testing, and other use by electric utilities or other interested organizations.

Lab Features

  • 53-feet long
  • 240 volt shore power or on-board 20kW diesel engine-generator
  • 1.7 kW photovoltaic system
  • Handicap accessible
  • Climate control
  • One instructor workstation and six student workstations
  • Seven lap top PCs
  • On-board LAN
  • Cellular access to internet
  • Overhead projector and screen

The lab will have six simulated substations and distribution lines housed in standard utility relay cabinets. Each relay cabinet has the following:

  • SEL 751A Fault Protection Relay with Phasor Measurement Unite
  • Nexus 1272 Smart Meter
  • Two of the cabinets have Orion xxxx data concentrator and communications relays.

The six units can be used to test or train on the following:

  • Programming digital relays
  • Feeder fault protection
  • Coordinated system protection schemes
  • Distribution automation
  • Substation automation
  • Synchrophasors
  • Systems operations control through remote access

The six units are interconnected to allow simulations of substations on a transmission line.

Distributed Generation and Microgrids
The lab contains a traditional diesel generator, a renewable energy system, battery storage, and a smart inverter to provide AC electricity to the lab's loads. The power systems can be run in parallel with the grid (shore power) or isolated as an island on the grid to simulate a microgrid.


Contact Joan Turba, NWTC Corporate Training and Economic Development,, or (920) 498-6907.