IT Mobile Training Lab

Information Technology Mobile training unit

Need information technology training at your site? 
We deliver!


Your staff or students can receive NWTC’s high-quality IT classes and training right at your site – thanks to the new IT Mobile Training Unit. 

Technology on the Move


The 15-foot heated trailer has nine custom-designed rolling pods and an instructor pod. This equipment allows NWTC to completely replicate our campus environment, in any room large enough to wheel in the equipment.


Student Pods

  • Are entirely self-contained and able to operate individually or be networked with the other pods.
  • Each pod has two professional workstation PCs, a monitor, a network switch, and a supply of removable drives. 
  • Students can complete tasks from installing operating systems, to troubleshooting server software, to setting up a full domain network. 
  • Each student will have at least one unique drive for each class, allowing them to complete the exercises without interfering with other students using the equipment.

Instructor Pod

  • ​Has the same equipment as the student pods, with the addition of a core network switch and LED projector. 
  • Is equipped with a wireless hot spot to provide Internet access to the pods. 

Want the IT Mobile Training Unit at Your Site?


The trailer was designed to be highly mobile and require very little from the receiving facility. Power, chairs, a large room, and a place to park the truck and trailer are that is needed to set up the equipment.

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