ElectroMechanical Training Lab

Your need for a highly-skilled workforce is strong.

NWTC is fueling your talent pipeline - with the ElectroMechanical Training Lab.

Your future workforce will include today's high school students. What if those students could start building the technology and mathematics skills needed for advanced manufacturing while they are still in high school? They can, thanks to NWTC's new mobile tech lab.

Showcasing Manufacturing Careers

The ElectroMechanical Training Lab is a 53-foot trailer designed to introduce high school students to advanced manufacturing careers by giving them hands-on experience with the customized equipment housed with the mobile lab.


  • Includes 12 student workstations and an instructor station.
  • Delivers electromechanical and automation training.
  • Emphasizes the assembly, installation, troubleshooting, repair, modification, and control of mechanical and electrical systems found on industrial machinery.
  • Utilizes NWTC's patented MobileModular trainers which are made up of standard components affixed to metal plates and are able to be carried from place to place. The trainers can also be connected together to simulate a variety of electromechanical systems.

Building a Career Pathway

High school students throughout Northeast Wisconsin can jumpstart their college education and future careers through the training provided by the mobile lab. While the trailer visits their school, students can take a number of one-credit associate degree courses that are part of these NWTC programs:

Need training now?

Your current employees can advance their skills with the ElectroMechanical Training Lab! Contact the NWTC Trades & Engineering Technologies Department to find out how. Call 920-498-5461.
  • Electro-Mechanical Technology
  • Automation Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Electronics
  • Utilities Engineering Technology
  • Solar Energy Technology
  • Energy Management Technology

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