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A worker climbs a cell phone tower

Telecommunications Tower Technician 1 - Certificate

The Telecommunications Tower Technician 1 Certificate is intended to provide students with the necessary theory and hands-on educational experience necessary to receive a job in the Telecommunications field. Students will learn safety, basic rigging and fall protection, principles of electricity, fiber optics, wireless technology, cell components, antenna basics, and spectrum management.

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Area of Study: Energy

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in a telecom tower technician career

Gain hands-on skills for a great career in the growing wireless industry. As telecom technology providers deploy and expand 5G networks, skilled technicians are needed to build, climb, and maintain towers.

After completing this 14-credit certificate, you can jump into a tower technician career – or you can continue your education and increase your employment opportunities with one of three new programs coming in fall 2021:

  • Telecommunications Tower Tech 1 pathway certificate
  • Telecommunications Field Technician technical diploma
  • Telecommunications Engineering Technician associate degree

Program Costs & Financial Aid

Tuition: $2,351, Books: $150, Supplies: $900

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