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Applied Statistics

Course Number: 10-506-157
Credits: 4
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Course Information

Description: 10-506-157 APPLIED STATISTICS ...provides learners the opportunity to relate descriptive statistics and concepts of probability, correlation, and regression to applications including hypothesis testing and data analysis in research. (Prerequisite: 10-804-195, College Algebra with a "C" or better OR 10-804-197, College Algebra and Trigonometry w/ Apps with a "C" or better.)
Total Credits: 4

Prior Learning Assessments

  • Credit by Exam

Course Competencies

  1. Organize Data
  2. Summarize Data Numerically
  3. Use Probability Distributions
  4. Investigate Study Design
  5. Draw Inference about Population Parameters from Sample Data from one Population
  6. Draw Inference about Population Parameters fro Sample Data from Two or more Populations
  7. Evaluate correlations and Linear Regressions in bi-Variate Data