Teaching Inclusively

As part of My Destination: Graduation, Title III funding support the implementation of a Culturally Responsive Teaching Course, called ‘Teaching Inclusively.” The emphasis of Teaching Inclusively course will help faculty and part-time instructors to develop materials and strategies for ensuring that their classrooms are inclusive and engage all students, especially, students of color.

Course Competencies: 

  1. Summarize vocabulary, conceptual knowledge, skills, attitudes, and effective techniques directed at enhancing respect for diversity as they relate to an educator's working knowledge.
  2. Analyze NWTC's plans, policies, and support services that impact diverse populations.
  3. Assess academic and workplace culture and bias.
  4. Design Strategies for managing and resolving conflict in a multi-cultural environment.
  5. Develop techniques for creating an inclusive and effective learning environment that meets the needs of diverse populations.
  6. Formulate approaches to integrate respect for cultural diversity into curriculum and instructional design and delivery.