Dream. Learn it. Live it.

Over 2,000 students graduate from NWTC every year, yet some of our students leave without finishing their degree, diploma, or certificate. We want all of our students to succeed in meeting their goals. With that purpose in mind, NWTC has established Dream... Learn it. Live it.

What is Dream... Learn it. Live it?

NWTC Dream... Learn it. Live it. is an exciting movement that centers on student success. It’s about providing each and every one of our students with the skills and support needed to build the future they desire.

How do we determine the skills and support that are essential for student success? By working closely with employers, listening to students, looking at best practices in the classroom, and sharing student and learning success stories.

Who is involved in Dream... Learn it. Live it?

Dream... Learn it. Live it. involves everyone at the College – faculty, staff, and students. NWTC is also connected to Achieving the Dream, a national network of two-year colleges across the country that is committed to student success.

Questions about Dream... Learn it. Live it?

Contact: Vickie Lock, Dean of Student Success
(920) 498-5447; toll-free: (800) 422-NWTC, ext. 5447.