Woodland Kitchen Entrepreneurs

Dulce Nulla Gourmet Desserts

Dulce Nulla Gourmet Desserts - by Melissa Boyles

Featuring a cupcakery specializing in special diet and allergy friendly desserts. For more information contact Melissa at 503-715-6075 or

Jo-Ti's Ravioli - Tina Williams Owner

Jo-Ti's Ravioli (Cheese Ravioli) - by Tina Williams

Look for Jo-Ti's Ravioli's at the following locations:

  • Central Supermarket, Kingsford, MI
  • Ebeling's Supermarket, Norway, MI
  • Marcouillers Foods, Niagara, WI
  • Pat's Foods, Florence, WI
  • Pelkins Smokey Meats, Crivitz, WI
  • Tom & Jo's, Aurora, WI