Power Generation

NWTC’s Great Lakes Energy Education (GLEE) Center

You can make a difference in the world by starting a career that focuses on generating power. Finding and using diverse energy sources is essential for the environment, our economy and national security.

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Once you graduate, you’ll be in a great position for a career with staying power, as generating energy also generates jobs. Did you know*:
  • There were 260,077 Solar workers in 2016, an increase of more than 51,000 workers (up 25%) over 2015
  • The Solar industry added $84 billion to the US GDP in 2016
  • Over the next 12 months, employers surveyed expect to see total Solar industry employment increase by 10 percent to 286,335 workers
  • Solar jobs in the US have increased at least 20 percent per year for the past four years, and jobs have nearly tripled since the first National Solar Jobs Census was released in 2010
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*Source: National Solar Jobs Census, October 2016