Student Conduct Information for Faculty

As a college where student success is the center of all our work, providing a safe and welcoming environment for all is vital. Part of providing such an environment is recognizing emotional distress in students and holding students accountable for behaviors that violate the Student Code of Conduct.

Your Resources:

  • Report an Incident

  • Student Code of Conduct

  • Concerning Student Behaviors

  • Resource for Faculty and Staff

  • Campus Assessment, Response, and Education (CARE) Team

    The CARE Team at NWTC focuses on prevention and early intervention of campus situations involving students experiencing extreme distress or engaging in harmful, threatening, or disruptive behaviors. The team is made up of staff from Student Services, Counseling, Learning, and Security. Team members are trained to recognize and address student conflict management issues. The team may utilize various methods and strategies in dealing with student concerns. Students who meet with this team may be required to meet one-on-one with a team member, may be asked to meet with the entire team, or be referred to a mental health professional, either employed by NWTC, or someone from an outside agency. The end result is to offer the student a plan for success, always mindful of the student’s best interest. The CARETeam adds an element of safety to the College environment.

  • CARE Level Behavior Rubric

  • When to Contact CARE

    Contact CARE if you have concerns about the well-being or safety of an NWTC student and are unsure about how to intervene or assess the situation. Possible reasons for referral include concerning, threatening, or disruptive behaviors as listed below: Student makes a verbal or written threat of harm to self or others. Behavior that is obviously inappropriate for the situation but beyond the scope of classroom management. Personal difficulties that impede a student’s ability to succeed at NWTC in a safe and healthy manner. In an emergency, call NWTC Security ext. 5454 or dial 9-1-1 immediately.

  • CARE Referral Process

    Fill out an Incident Report located on the NWTC Intranet, within 48 hours of incident. Please provide: A) Name/Any known information about the person you are referring B) Detailed summary of the observed behavior or concern, including when and where it occurred C) Your contact information You will receive a confirmation of your referral within 48 hours. Follow up communication will be sent to you via email regarding the status of the case. Further contact will be initiated by appropriate Student Conduct or CARE team members, as needed.