What is iRespect!?

iRespect! is a College-wide campaign to cultivate a welcoming and safe environment for all. iRespect! is all about nurturing an inclusive NWTC. We believe that inclusion inspires excellence.

Join the Movement

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Students can pick up their iRespect! t-shirts by stopping by the Student Involvement Office. Employees can pick theirs up by stopping by the Human Resources. 

iRespect! and NWTC’s Values

Nurturing an Inclusive NWTC – We are One  

  • We stand beside our students regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, ability, and so forth
  • We are committed to maintaining welcoming and safe space for all members of our community to work and learn
  • We are actively seeking out student and community participation in creating welcoming and safe space
  • We are committed to protecting speech on campus
  • We maintain a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, bullying, and behaviors intended to intimidate or demoralize members of this community

Inclusion Inspires Excellence – Inclusion resides at the heart of all of NWTC’s Value Statements:   

  • Customer Focus
  • Passion and Inspiration
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Results and Accountability
  • Valuing Talent and Wellbeing
  • Ethics
  • Everyone Has Worth 

iRespect! Pledge

  • I pledge to actively RESPECT all persons
  • I RESPECT that at NWTC, We are One!
  • I RESPECT our community in creating a welcoming and safe environment for the benefit of all
  • I RESPECT the right of others to hold values and perspectives different than my own and expect that they will RESPECT mine as well
  • I will strive for honesty, good will and RESPECTfulness in all of my actions and presume the same in the actions of others
  • I will honor this commitment in my personal life, in my classes, and outside the classroom as well, because I am part of NWTC whether on campus or beyond 

Discrimination and Harassment Incident Reports

For complaints of sexual misconduct and illegal discrimination, see the current Sexual Misconduct incident report and Discrimination and Harassment incident reports.

Celebrating Success

With the “iRespect!” campaign, NWTC hopes to highlight and promote the successes and victories happening across the NWTC district. The College hopes the campaign becomes a model which can be shared with other colleges and with the Green Bay and other Northeast Wisconsin communities.

For questions, please email
Thank you-
iRespect! Campaign Planning Committee (Consists of members/staff from the Diversity Team, Student Support Services, and Student Involvement)