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Next One Up


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Next One Up is designed for incoming students from ethnically diverse backgrounds, who are enrolled in programs within the College of Business. As you pursue your education at NWTC, be part of a program that provides social and academic support to help you achieve your goals!  

  • Meet and connect to other diverse students and staff! Relationships and networking are a key component to success!  
  • Plan for success! We will help you create academic, career, and financial plans to help you reach your goals. 
  • Participants in Next One Up will have a wide variety of monthly workshops to help you learn more about academic success, career planning, leadership, student involvement and much more! 
  • Get involved! Create community and lasting friendships with other students on similar paths as you! 

Let us help you be the Next One Up the ladder to success!!  

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For more information contact Danielle, our success advisor, at or 920-498-5616