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NWTC Promise

NWTC Promise

NWTC and the NWTC Educational Foundation are helping make college a reality for everyone with the NWTC Promise. The new initiative promises to keep college within reach for eligible high school seniors who could not otherwise afford a degree.

The NWTC Promise is a partnership to encourage young people to succeed in high school believing that college is possible. The student promises to meet eligibility requirements as a high school student and maintain specific academic standards while an NWTC student.

The College understands that grants and scholarships do not always cover all of a student’s tuition costs causing students to forgo enrollment in college. NWTC promises to pay the balance of tuition and course fees for eligible students after federal/state grants and other scholarships have been applied (for up to six consecutive semesters or until program completion, whichever is first). It also provides a $100 book voucher (to be used at the NWTC Bookstore) each semester a student is eligible for NWTC Promise. (Supplies and other equipment fees are not covered by NWTC Promise).

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Be part of the NWTC Promise

If you would like to donate to help make the NWTC Promise possible, contact Crystal Harrison at (920) 498-5541 or

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