FAQs Regarding Limited Students Returning to Campus

Wednesday May 6, 2020

As NWTC moves to allow students in certain Health Sciences and Education Programs and Public Safety, we know many of you have questions.

1.Because of my circumstances at home due to COVID-19, I cannot return to lab/hands-on classes. What options will I have to complete my coursework?
We understand that not everyone will be able to return to labs. We encourage you to talk with your instructor to identify alternative methods.
2.I am in a Health Sciences and Education or Public Safety Program, how do I know if my lab or class is resuming on campus?
Your instructor or associate dean has or will contact you. If you have any questions on your specific program, please contact your instructor.
3.My lab is resuming where do I enter campus buildings?
All faculty and students will enter through designated entrances. Your instructor has or will communicate where to go with you. If you have questions, please contact your instructor.
4.What are the requirements for entering?
Students must enter through the entrance closest to the classroom or workspace and present identification (i.e. student identification card, driver’s license).
Everyone on campus is required to wear a mask. Students will be screened prior to the initial return to campus.  Students will complete the initial screening and the daily screening using Blackboard. Student temperatures will be checked upon entry to the building.  Physical distancing should be maintained while waiting to be checked.
If you are feeling sick (cough, trouble breathing/shortness of breath or a fever), you should not attempt to come to class and you will not be permitted in the building. College staff will follow-up with the student regarding alternate options. Everyone on campus must be symptom free.
The CDC has a Self-Checker to help you make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care. Click here for the CDC Self-Checker.
5.If some Health Sciences and Public Safety labs/hands-on classes are resuming, can students’ study on campus before or after class?
Limited students are allowed to return to campus for specific lab/hands-on courses only. Students must leave campus immediately at the end of the lab/hands-on class and will be escorted by the instructor using the same pathway back to the exit.  Please note: campus food service and vending are not available.
6.Do I have to wear a mask when I come to campus?
Yes. Everyone on campus is required to wear disposable or cloth masks while on campus. A mask is required to enter any NWTC building. Students without access to face coverings will be provided a disposable mask until a cloth covering is available.
7.What if I don’t have a mask or PPE?
Students are encouraged to bring their own cloth face masks if they have them. If you don’t have a mask, disposable masks will be provided to you. Appropriate PPE will be provided to students at the entrance of the building. 
8.Can I bring a backpack, lunch or snack with me?
You may only bring cell phones and materials that are required for your coursework and any food or beverages you will need while on campus. No refrigeration, microwaves, or vending will be available. Students may need to eat lunch in their vehicles or outside. Physical distancing must be maintained.
9.Will my lab or course look different?
In many cases, yes. Physical distancing will be practiced at all times. Labs will be restricted to groups of nine or less. We will make every effort to maintain physical distancing when in the classroom/lab environment. Your instructor will explain other changes.
10.What if my lab or hands on course doesn’t allow room for physical distancing?  
Students will be provided with appropriate PPE.
11. If I feel like safety guidelines are not being followed, who can I report that information to?
If anyone either feels unsafe on campus or feels that guidelines are not being followed, they should report that to your associate dean or dean. All reports will be investigated. The safety of our students and employees is a top priority and we will continually evaluate our protocols to ensure everyone is safe on campus.
12.When will NWTC reopen to the rest of the student body and public?
At this time, NWTC remains closed to the rest of the student body and the public until the health emergency is over or until otherwise noticed. The College will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update everyone as more information is available.    
Have more questions? We are happy to help. Reach out at or chat online at, and we will help get your questions answered.

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