NWTC to extend spring break

Thursday March 12, 2020
With a focus on the health of our campus community, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College has made additional decisions to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19.  NWTC is extending spring break to March 28, 2020, in order to allow our campuses to prepare alternative methods, wherever possible, for completing classes for those unable to attend class due to COVID-19. This means there will be no credit bearing courses offered during the week of March 22-28. This change in schedule will not affect non-credit bearing and apprenticeship courses which will continue as scheduled. All campuses will remain open during this time with spring break hours of operation continued into the second week. Classes will resume the week of Sunday, March 29.  

Again, spring break is scheduled for March 16 – 28. Some programs have exceptions to the extended break due to federal, state or other requirements.

Also, please ensure you have essential items you might need if you are not able to return to campus immediately, such as medications or items related to your coursework.
Updates regarding the College’s COVID-19 response will continue to be shared via blackboard, email, and on the emergency response website. COVID-19 has resulted in uncertainty for our campus community. We know there may be questions about the impacts of the decisions being made. If you have concerns related to COVID-19 or the college decisions, please direct them to
Your ability to complete classes while assisting you with staying healthy is our top concern.
Enjoy spring break. We look forward to your return!

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