Course exceptions during spring break

Friday March 13, 2020
Dear NWTC Students, 
Thank you for your patience during this time. We understand that this may feel overwhelming and challenging. We would like to address some common questions regarding programs that run on a different academic calendar or schedule. Below is a listing of program or course exceptions to the campus announcement.  These exceptions are due to state, federal or other requirements.  We are sending this email to help clarify your questions regarding these courses. As always, please communicate with your instructors about class schedule changes. 
Public Safety
  • The Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Academy (720 Police Academy) will continue to meet as scheduled. Please contact your instructor or dean if you have any questions.
  • The Law Enforcement Associate Degree program will continue as scheduled the week of March 23. Please contact your instructor or dean if you have any questions.
  • All EMT clinicals will continue as scheduled. The department will communicate any changes. 
  • Wausaukee High School EMT class will continue as scheduled. Any changes to the schedule will be communicated by the dean.
Health Sciences and Education
  • All students currently enrolled in health science program clinical courses will learn from the department the status of clinicals via email and Blackboard. 
  • The Surgical Technology program will continue to meet the week of March 16. The department will communicate with students via email and Blackboard.
  •  All on-site dental clinics will remain open. Students will learn from their department the status of their schedule via email and Blackboard.
  •  Diagnostic Medical Sonography open lab will remain open during the extended break.
  •  Nursing Skills checkoffs will be available on campus.
  • Early Childhood Education and Foundations of Teacher Education practicum schedule changes will be communicated by the Department. If you any questions, please contact the dean or your instructor.
Trades Engineering and Technologies
  • The farm tour for the Farm Business program will continue as scheduled. 
  • Apprenticeships continue as planned.
College of Business
  • Students who are currently completing their internship requirement should consult with their employer regarding expectations in that workplace. Please communicate any change in plans with your Career Experience instructor.
  • GED testing is still available during the extended break. 
  • The Assessment Center remains open during the extended break.
  • The NWTC Artisan Center and Business Center remains open and courses will continue as scheduled.
  • Corporate Training & Economic Development at NWTC is operating as scheduled. This means all* training (credit and non-credit), customized training regardless of location, seminars and workshops, CTED events and facility rentals will go on as planned. If you have any questions please contact Corporate Training & Economic Development at NWTC, 920-498-6373. 
  • Internships will continue as scheduled. Any changes will be communicated by the dean. Please communicate with your internship instructor if you employer alters the arranged schedule.
  • Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) students will continue to take video conferencing courses unless the schedule is changed by LTC. 
This is a dynamic and fluid situation. We care about your success and are working to provide guidance and support to the whole College community. Please regularly check your email and the emergency website for new information.
Thank you.

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