Stress relief in your own backyard

Thursday April 16, 2020
NWTC to offer FREE backyard garden course
As COVID-19 forces Wisconsinites to stay-at-home, many are searching for ways to self-improve and get a little self-care while staying home and engage their children.
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is offering a FREE step by step step-by-step backyard garden class online. The course is open to the public.
“I wanted to help,” NWTC Organic Agriculture Instructor Valerie Dantoin said. “I see the lines at grocery stores, not so much around here. We are going to do something called square foot gardening where you can actually grow all your family’s own vegetables in a really small backyard.” 
Class participants will plan and create small backyard garden with quick, easy lessons you can access anytime each week. Transform a piece of lawn into a food- producing plot. Prepare soil, plant seeds, keep it weeded, and grow groceries or plant, tend and harvest peas, tomatoes, lettuce/spinach/kale and turnips to feed a family. 
“People really should know that nature can help them, and they can overcome things in their own backyard,”Dantoin said. “Once you get around plants, put your hands in the soil and plant seeds, you see things just keep growing and life continues, no matter what. That is really reassuring, especially in times like this.”
Registration is open! Click here to register now online. The classes will start April 22 and go until May 20.

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