NWTC weekend motorcycle class saves new rider's life

Wednesday June 5, 2019
"I was panting, shaking, sweating and terrified...."

A one-weekend motorcycle skill class at NWTC saved a new rider's life. Sue completed her class and testing for her motorcycle license last summer just in time to have her new tactics tested.

Sue's story

Female Motorcycle Rider Image​My first solo trip was last weekend, to Marinette and back. I decided to stop in Oconto for water.  As I was leaving town and headed for the highway, a car ran a red light, didn't look, didn't stop, didn't even slow down. [Motorcycle instructor] Erica's voice instantly screamed in my head, "CLUTCH, BRAKE, BRAKE, HANG ON TIGHT!"

I skidded, the back end hopped to the right a bit, but I stayed upright and didn't even kill the engine.

I missed his car by mere inches.... But I missed him.

I was going about 22 mph only, but it seemed way faster in the moment. I coasted to the side, I had tears....I won't lie. I was panting, shaking, sweating and terrified, yet SUPER proud of myself.

A truck at the light yelled and asked if I was ok. I said I was. He said, "That was really scary!" And I said, "Oh, hell yeah, it was!" 

Once my heart slowed, my only thought was, "If I hadn't taken the riders safety class, I would have laid it down fast and brutal and I most likely would have been hurt!" 

I tell everyone about the class and the instructors. I'm a true believer. The class is priceless.

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Ride safely!