NWTC students make international headlines

Tuesday February 6, 2018
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College students studying aboard in Thailand were recently featured in two Thailand national newspapers.  Student sits between two elephants

The group of eleven took part in the “Hmong Buddy” activity. NWTC students were paired with Thai Hmong students during their time in Thailand.

Below is a complete translation of the articles:

Dr. Prayath Nantasin, President of Hmong Bangkok and Network Association, Inc. (HBNA) and a professor at Kasetsart University (KU) with his HBNA executive team welcome Mr. Wa Yia Thao, Student Support Specialist/Career Adviser from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and Mr. Hue Chou Vue, professor from University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire from U.S along with his other professor and students. Student poses in front of a temple in Bangkok

The Hmong Student Buddy Day 2018 gave the U.S. students the opportunity to interact with the Hmong-Thai students from various universities of Thailand; the purpose of this activity is to network and share, learn, and exchange culture and languages. It is also a way to prepare both the U.S students and Hmong-Thai students to be productive in the global society at Klong Lat Mayom floating market, Bangkok.

Links to the articles are available here: DailyMirror and BangkokBizNews

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