NWTC students make international headlines

Kara Leiterman

Tuesday February 6, 2018
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College students studying aboard in Thailand were recently featured in two Thailand national newspapers.  DSC_0832.jpg

The group of eleven took part in the “Hmong Buddy” activity. NWTC students were paired with Thai Hmong students during their time in Thailand.

Below is a complete translation of the articles:

Dr. Prayath Nantasin, President of Hmong Bangkok and Network Association, Inc. (HBNA) and a professor at Kasetsart University (KU) with his HBNA executive team welcome Mr. Wa Yia Thao, Student Support Specialist/Career Adviser from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and Mr. Hue Chou Vue, professor from University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire from U.S along with his other professor and students. DSC_0123.jpg

The Hmong Student Buddy Day 2018 gave the U.S. students the opportunity to interact with the Hmong-Thai students from various universities of Thailand; the purpose of this activity is to network and share, learn, and exchange culture and languages. It is also a way to prepare both the U.S students and Hmong-Thai students to be productive in the global society at Klong Lat Mayom floating market, Bangkok.

Links to the articles are available here: DailyMirror and BangkokBizNews

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