NWTC Civil Engineering students prepare to ‘show what we can do as a state’  

Thursday February 8, 2018

Students will will map unknown desert terrain, present at national competition

Six Northeast Wisconsin civil engineering students are preparing to be sent out into the desert without a map.

The NWTC team will travel to Las Vegas this month for a surveying competition organized by the National Society of Professional Surveyors. There, they will face 12 teams from two-year and four-year colleges throughout the United States. Competitors will use mechanical tools and hand-written calculations to survey an area and give a 25 minute presentation on their results.
Six NWTC Civil Engineering students will compete at nationals in 2018: Dylan Larson, Tyler Hill, Jared Block, Connor Christopherson, Zachary Tillmann, Brock RupiperThe team includes (left to right): 
Dylan Larson, Green Bay; Tyler Hill, Sheboygan; Jared Block, Ripon; Connor Christopherson, Sturgeon Bay; Zachary Tillmann, Green Bay; Brock Rupiper, Suamico. 
Team members were chosen based on a local competition run by NWTC’s Civil Engineering student club.
Rupiper said they won’t know anything about the property they will be surveying until they get there. They will have a meeting to get instructions, and the next day they will conduct boundary and topographic surveys. “All we know right now is that we’ll be given equipment that is older or dated,” he said. “After we collect the data we’ll put that on our computer, creating a map, and make a presentation.”
Christopherson said they’re looking forward to comparing their skills to those of the other teams. “NSPS is affiliated with our society, the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors. This is bringing us together and showing what we can do as a state. We want to go there and prove what we can do.”
He added that coming from NWTC may give his team an advantage against some university teams. “We’ll be competing against some tech colleges, but the four-year schools don’t necessarily get the experience we get with some of the equipment.”
Larson noted, “It’s going to be very interesting to be in the desert—snakes, scorpions, all the different vegetation we’re not used to, and all of the older equipment.” In fact, the team expects to be using mechanical (non-digital) tools and making many calculations in writing.
The team will leave Feb. 17 and return Feb. 22. 

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