Motorcycle class saves woman's life

Wednesday August 29, 2018
"I was panting, shaking, sweating and terrified...."

A one-weekend motorcycle skill class at NWTC recently saved a new rider's life. Sue completed her class and testing for her motorcycle license just in time to have her new tactics tested.

Sue's story

My first solo trip was last weekend, to Marinette and back. I decided to stop in Oconto for water.  As I was leaving town and headed for the highway, a car ran a red light, didn't look, didn't stop, didn't even slow down. [Motorcycle instructor] Erica's voice instantly screamed in my head, "CLUTCH, BRAKE, BRAKE, HANG ON TIGHT!"

I skidded, the back end hopped to the right a bit, but I stayed upright and didn't even kill the engine.

I missed his car by mere inches.... But I missed him.

I was going about 22 mph only, but it seemed way faster in the moment. I coasted to the side, I had tears....I won't lie. I was panting, shaking, sweating and terrified, yet SUPER proud of myself.

A truck at the light yelled and asked if I was ok. I said I was. He said, "That was really scary!" And I said, "Oh, hell yeah, it was!" 

Once my heart slowed, my only thought was, "If I hadn't taken the riders safety class, I would have laid it down fast and brutal and I most likely would have been hurt!" 

I tell everyone about the class and the instructors. I'm a true believer. The class is priceless.

Are you interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle, or keeping someone you know safer on the road? Our last  motorcycle classes of the year will be held in early September. For information, visit

Ride safely!

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